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In addition to dedicating much of his time to creating beautiful expressions through his artwork, Juan Flores also takes great pride in motivating others to explore a world of art, and in helping them to get aquainted and familiar with their artistic qualities. In his effort to do so, the artist also offers and provides services including, but not limited to:

  • General Presentations
  • Introductory Workshops (For Beginners)
  • In-Depth Workshops
  • Residency


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Presentations, Teaching & Residency

The artist displays his passion for teaching, instructing, and assisting in art through his interaction with countless students over the years. He is especially fond of the connection he shares with children, while helping them discover the many and wonderful possibilities of art.

Flores works well with individuals of any age and has programs aimed specifically at:

  • Early Elementary (Grades K-2/Ages 5-7)
  • Elementary (Grades 3-5/Ages 8-10)
  • Middle School (Grades 6-8/Ages 11-13)
  • High School (Grades 9-12/Ages 14-18)
  • Adults (Age 18+), and mixed audiences of all ages.


Business & Commercial Services

Flores has provided his art services to the satisfaction of many audiences, from students, businesses and communities, to various organizations and events. A small list of his past venues include:

  • Exhibitions in USA, Mexico, Cuba, Spain, Italy, Argentina, the Netherlands
  • Murals for numerous restaurants in the City of Milwaukee including: Tres Hermanos, Azteca, Panaderia Lopez, Eagles Nest
  • Mexican Fiesta - Milwaukee, WI. (1999+)
  • Fiesta Hispania - Madison, WI. (2000)
  • University of Wisconsin - Whitewater, WI. (2000)

In the Community

Because of the artists' dedication to sharing his art with the world, connecting with members of the community often serves as a catalyst for ideas. Occasionally, he can be found out in public and in the community brightening neighborhoods through his vivid paintings and murals, invoking various emotions through his detailed sculptures and statues or creating unity amongst individuals of many different walks of life, through his numerous forms of art exhibits.

Interested in Services?

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