Juan Flores

Artists’ Bio

Juan Flores was born in the small town of Veracruz, Mexico. He always loved to draw and paint. While in school, he participated in many art activities, and by the end of middle school, he realized a great passion for the Fine Arts. In Mexico, he attended one of the most prestigious art schools in the country "Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes" (National Institute of the Arts) in Mexico City.

Since the beginning of his career as an artist, Juan Flores has participated in numerous art related events, both nationally and internationally. Although Juan Flores is highly skilled in many forms of art, he focuses on painting and sculpting.

In painting, he invites you into his world, producing the most creative and beautiful expressions through techniques such as: pastel, watercolor, ink, color pencil, oil and acrylic. Through these techniques he can display not only his surrealist style, but also abstract forms, expressionism, impressionism, realism and beautiful landscapes. These techniques are not limited to canvas, he has also elaborated numerous murals, theater backgrounds or different sizes and themes, and book covers.

Another area of fine art where Flores excels is sculpting. He is able to work in this area with different techniques and materials such as: plaster, clay, sand, concrete, bronze, fiberglass and ice.

Now, the artist is making his art and services available to all galleries, museums and the general public.